CV of Häggström

Programming is a passion of mine - I have been coding since a kid, and now have about ten years of professional software engineering experience, as well as a Master of Science degree. In my free time I work on various open source projects.

I like designing frameworks and algorithms, as well as improving tools and working practices. I am visually oriented and have experience with user interface design and data visualization.

To my nature I am optimistic, creative, and pragmatic. I like helping others and teamworking. I enjoy learnign new things and developing skills in a stimulating and inspiring environment.

I speak English fluently, and Finnish and Swedish natively.


I'm a certified Scrum Master, and have been acting as a scrum master at Nokia Networks for about eight months, and a general agile evangelist since around 2005.


At the moment, my programming language of choice is Scala. I also have around ten years of solid Java experience, as well as some skills in C++, Python, Shell scripting, and others. I've become somewhat familiar with the J2EE ecosystem over the years, but when possible I prefer more lightweight approaches.


These are some of the tools, technologies, libraries, etc. that I have some skills in:
Maven, Simple Build Tool, ScalaTest, JUnit, BDD, TDD, svn, git, Hudson, Java Webstart, Lift, IntelliJ IDEA, JSON, Google Protocol Buffers, XML, CSS, HTML, FOP, Janino, OpenGL, Sun Game Server, JMonkeyEngine, Open Source Project Management, Linux.

Other Interests

In my free time I'm working on Flowpaint, an open source paint program, and Skycastle, an open source multi-user game / application platform, as well as many other open source projects. I also play with electronics, at the moment I'm building a 3D Printer. I am also active in the Finnish Pirate Party, which works for privacy and freedom of speech online, reformed copyright law, and removal of software patents.


Senior Software Engineer at Fruugo
February 2008 - October 2009
Software Engineer at Nokia-Siemens Networks
April 2007 - February 2008
Specialist at realXtend
December 2007 - May 2008 (part time)
Participated in the Google Summer of Code program
May 2007 - August 2007
Worked on a 3D Map Renderer for the GeoTools project, and presented the results at an open source geospatial software conference in Canada.
Software Engineer at Nokia Networks
January 2001 - March 2007
Trainee at Nokia Networks
Summer of 1999 and 2000


Master of Science in Computer Science at Helsinki University
1995 - 2008
Secondary subjects were Mathematics and Cognitive Science.

Contact Info

Email: Hans.Haggstrom at
Phone: +358 505751440
Address: Kilonkuja 3 A 22, 02610 Espoo, Finland
IRC handle: zzorn at
Code samples: See the source of my projects Skycastle and Flowpaint

This CV was last updated 16 October 2009.